A downloadable demo for Windows and macOS

In the nation state of Dischordia, music has been banned and confiscated by a sentient artificial intelligence, Eris-1. You play as Apollo: the only remaining DJ in Dischordia, keeper of the last Walkman.

Imprisoned in The Cloud, Apollo must use their Walkman to enthral drones and reclaim stolen musical devices. It’s not going to be easy though. Eris-1 will make efforts to stop you in your tracks, so staying undetected will be your best option. Beats of Dischordia combines rhythm and stealth together by giving the player abilities which must be used on beat to manipulate flying drones patrolling Eris’ prison, enabling the players’ escape.

The players’ goal is to reach Eris-1 and defeat her to escape from The Cloud.


Windows 10 x64 (DARE.BETA.b46) 646 MB
Mac Intel x64 + Apple Silicon (DARE.BETA.b46) 677 MB
Press Kit


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